We target on a whole and partial delivering in a fields of automatization of production processes, drives and equipment in normal environment and detonable environment, in a range of voltage up to 52 kV. We offer a complete solution from projection until whole realization and starting up a production. We offer technical support and training for a staff. 


Developing komlex design in parts of control systems, power breaking and switching parts, Instrumentation and control parts, switchboards, control desks, industrial networks. 


Production of switchboards, control desks, cabinets and others. Exposure of the execution-off test and the declaration of conformity. 


Development of application software based on requirements. Then, the program provides for management of the technological process, display operating and fault reporting and diagnostic functions. 

Extensive experience with control systems Siemens, Allen & Bradlay, Telemecanique, robots ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, visualization of technological processes of protons WinCC Flexible, WinCC, RSView Studio, RSView32, ControlWeb, safety systems Pilz, Sick, Dolz, Omron, drives and frequency inverter SEW, ABB, Siemens, Zapi, breaking and switching equipment Siemens, Allen & Bradlay, Telemecanique, ABB, Schneider Electric, Moeller

Welcome to AS-Elektrik

Our company working with supplies in the field of automatization of production process, drives, and equipments in normal or detonable environment, in a range of voltage up to 52 kV.

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Cetrificates and Licences

Activity authorization (according to valid certificates):
Reparations of reserved technical and electrical equipments in a range:
Maintenance, repairs, reconstructions, and installations to a functional complex at a place of future operation.
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We focus on the complex as well as the partial delivery in the area automation of manufacturing processes, drive and equipment low voltage, high voltage in normal and explosive. We offer comprehensive solutions from project preparation to staff training and technical support.

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